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Mourning the loss of Judy Zegarelli

18 Jun 2024 11:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The beauty industry mourns the loss of industry icon Judy Zegarelli, known for her pioneering contributions that have transformed the world of cosmetics. With a career spanning over four decades, she has left an indelible mark through her innovative products, vibrant spirit, and incredible vision. Her legacy continues to ins pire and shape the future of cosmetics. She passed away on May 17, 2024, from pancreatic cancer.

In 1982 Judy launched Chameleon, a revolutionary trend-setting lipstick that changes color according to the pH balance in one’s skin tone. Which became the industry innovation that set the stage for her award winning product O Glow launch by SmashBox in 2002, and many other color changing products. The success of Chameleon led to the establishment of her cosmetic manufacturing company, Cosmetic Group USA.

Judy’s unwavering passion for beauty and exceptional talent for product innovation fueled the growth and expansion of her manufacturing business. Her collaboration with makeup artist and brand founder Victoria Jackson, led to the production of highly successful infomercials, and is a testament to her pioneering spirit and ability to forge impactful relationships.

Under Judy’s leadership and alongside her partner, Al Booth, Cosmetic Group USA grew and still exists today as an industry leader in skincare and color cosmetics. Her groundbreaking work includes the development of many of today’s most beloved beauty products and brands, integral to the daily routines of millions worldwide.

Beyond her product innovations, Judy Zegarelli was a staunch advocate for empowerment through beauty. She tirelessly worked to break down barriers and serve as a guiding force for those around her. Her mentorship has impacted the careers of makeup artists and beauty professionals alike. Judy was a supportive founding member of Beauty Industry West, the west coast based beauty trade organization.

Judy Zegarelli approached life with passion and impeccable style, and those who knew her loved her. She is survived by her daughter, Dayna, who carries forward her mother’s legacy. Judy Zegarelli's influence on the world of beauty will live on. While we mourn her passing, we also celebrate the incredible life she led and the lasting impact she made. Her legacy will continue to inspire and guide future generations. In the product innovation words of Judy Zegarelli “why hasn’t anyone ever……….?”

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